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Mountain river demon meteorite record

Mountain river demon meteorite record

Mountain river demon meteorite record

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    Mountain river demon meteorite record
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    Banjiang Spring Moon
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    Air books
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2022-09-10 21:55:14
In this land of China, demons, demons and people coexist. However, the demons are powerful and dominate the whole land of China. They enslave the people wantonly, while the demons survive in the cracks. Twenty five years ago, the demon emperor Xuanyi fell in love with the human woman Yueli. However, forced by the elders of the family, he had no choice but to marry the demon woman, but he still had private contact with Yueli. Later, the half demon's son Xuanxin came to the world and had a happy childhood for five years. Five years later, the demon emperor Xuanyi suddenly died suddenly. The demon queen sent people to chase Yueli's mother and son. Xuanxin witnessed his close relatives die miserably in front of him and realized his weakness as a weak person and the inferiority of human status. After escaping the chase, he realized the Tao at Haoyue peak in Zhongzhou and established a new method of Terran cultivation. With a blood feud, he changed his name to Haoxin and decided to unite with the people with the same aspirations in China to overthrow the rule of the demon family and return the lives of the people.

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