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The first taboo of the heavens

The first taboo of the heavens

The first taboo of the heavens

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    The first taboo of the heavens
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    Eggplant noodle soup
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2022-08-17 01:19:15
After the celestial phenomena changed, the dense fog shrouded the world and the heaven dropped strange treasures. Some people got the mysterious green gourd, some people got the gold page engraved with runes, and others got the five-color dense circulation of God beads... a mysterious world is coming, strange looming, red gauze lightning flash the protagonist Xu Zifan, an ordinary mortal, gets the mysterious stone ring and opens a mysterious small world in Xiaoao Jianghu, he builds the foundation of martial arts and Taoism. When others practice martial arts, he cultivates immortals, compares swords with peerless swordsmen on the top of the mountain, competes with the leader of the red clothes sect, transforms a world and turns emptiness into reality in the process of killing immortals, you can realize the golden elixir of extreme Taoism, climb to the peak of the world and lift the flying immortals... in the real world, the waves are treacherous, the nine secluded and ten categories, the world destroying black hand, and the creatures coming out of the immortal gate are evil is the greatest catastrophe of all ages destruction or rebirth gods and demons are flying in the sky, fairies and Buddhas are parallel, rise in troubled times, and blood floats in the sky!

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